What started as a laundry list of health problems opened the door to my life's work – helping women heal their hormones and digestion with the power of food. 

Cozy up, I'll tell you the story

Hi! I’m Kristen Barrett, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), mother of two beautiful girls, and lover of all things health & wellness. 

Like most of us, I was raised on the Standard American Diet (SAD), and when I became an adult myself, I stuck with what I knew. I chose whole wheat over white, bought organic milk & eggs, and made a point to exercise a few times each week.

Honestly, I thought I was in pretty good shape.

But when I decided to become a mother, I was told that children may not be in the cards for me. My battle with infertility was my first real taste of just how powerful food can be. 

After being officially diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and diving head first into the research, things really started to click for me...everything we eat either works to heal or damage our bodies. 

When I finally became pregnant, I took nutrition into my own hands, because by this time the fire had already been lit within me. I quit eating refined carbs, sugar, and grains and focused on high-quality healthy fats. I watched my PCOS diminish, my gut inflammation dissolve, my food sensitivities disappear & my mind become razor sharp. I was hooked.


Freedom, double-shot lattes, problem solving, accountability, self-empowerment, radical healing, things I cannot see. 


Small talk, rule following. mediocrity, bandaid solutions, guesswork, playing small, self-deprivation


Parenting my two amazing girls, coaching my badass clients, making bone broth, camping with my partner. 

daily rituals:

Morning affirmations, journaling, moments of gratitude, music, healthy fats & good skincare.

I’ve since devoted myself to the practice of "food as medicine" & to helping women heal using functional nutrition. With the power of food & lifestyle, you can restore your gut to optimal health & live the life you're meant to live. 





Gilmore Girls

Sparkling Water

Red Meat

Just for FUN


"Thanks to Kristen Barrett and her knowledge and encouragement, I'm back to LIVING and not feeling controlled by food. I'm down 25 pounds and I'm running again, almost daily."

Happy client:

My Specialities 

Gut Health & digestion

Metabolic Dysfunction

Irittable bowel syndrome

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Autoimmune conditions

Leaky Gut

Constipation & Diarrhea


Always Learning



HTMA Expert Course, Kendra Perry FDN-P
Talking Toxins, Lara Adler 
Strength Nutrition Unlocked, Steph Gaudreau 
Functional Supplement Specialist,
The Supplement Academy

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certification,
Nutritional Therapy Association

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certification

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

HTMA Expert Course, Kendra Perry, FDN-P
Talking Toxins, Lara Adler 
Strength Nutrition Unlocked, Steph Gaudreau
Functional Supplement Specialist

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