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Hi, I'm Kristen – gut guru, nutritional therapist, functional health coach, mama, coffee lover & believer in the human body. I'm so glad you're here!

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Take charge of your health with my easy-to-follow guide that will help you eliminate painful digestive symptoms & heal your gut. 

11 Tips to Transform Your Gut

(without changing your diet)

I help overwhelmed women say goodbye to digestive symptoms & heal their bodies from the inside out with data-driven nutrition & lifestyle protocols. 

 What is Epic Health?

Epic Health is the freedom to live the life you're meant to live. Freedom from gas, bloating, joint pain, excess weight, breakouts & chronic fatigue.

It's saying goodbye to the fear & confusion that stem from a broken healthcare system, and empowering yourself with the knowledge to nourish your mind, body & soul. It's the confidence that comes from looking & feeling your absolute best. 

Epic Health is for you if you're tired of the digestive symptoms that won't go away, the "one-size-fits-all" protocols that haven't worked & the practitioners that won't dig deeper.

You're in the right place!

Fad diets, guesswork & "one-size-fits-all" approaches have no place in my sessions. I help you uncover the root causes behind your symptoms so you can start giving your body what it really needs. 

Your Gut Doesn't Have to Control Your Life.


“My digestion issues completely disappeared, my joints are no longer screaming at me, and I have way more energy. I finally feel in control of my own health. ”


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My Specialities 

gut Health 

leaky gut


Hormone balancing


Autoimmune conditions

Your hormones are chemical messengers that play a major role in appetite, weight, mood, energy and reproductive health. Functional testing allows us to pinpoint imbalances that may be interfering with your body's internal communication highways.

Hormone Balance

All disease begins in the gut, which means restoring your digestive health is a big deal! Functional testing gives us valuable information about food intolerances, inflammation, potential pathogens, gut permeability & bacterial imbalances. Testing also helps us understand how well you're absorbing proteins and fats. 

Digestive Health

Your immune system relies on the health of your gut to function properly. Removing gut dysfunction helps restore your immune system so it can start working for your body, rather than against it. Before long, you'll be able to trust your immune system to keep you healthy, no matter what life throws your way.

Immune System

Your liver plays a major role in natural detoxification. If your body's natural detoxification pathways become overloaded, it can lead to immune and hormonal dysfunction. It's all connected! Metabolic assessment allows us to create a plan to support and clear your liver from internal & external toxins so your entire system can operate more efficiently.


Modern day life puts your nervous system in overdrive, negatively impacting your hormones, immune system & digestion. Learning to calm your nervous system with diet & lifestyle is a critical part of your healing journey. Once your body gets the signal that it's no longer in a state of emergency, it can refocus on deeper states of healing. 

Nervous System

Whole Body Nutrition & Testing 

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Functional nutrition & testing allow us to uncover the root causes behind your digestive symptoms so we can give your body what it needs to fully heal for good. Together we work to restore optimal function with personalized, data-driven choices. 

When you heal your gut, you heal your body.

A healthy gut is foundational to lasting health. The food you eat & how well your body can digest it impacts the level of nutrition available to every cell & hormone in your body. 

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Happy Belly
Happy Life

Individual & Group Coaching Programs. 

Depending on your budget & your learning preferences, I offer both 1:1 and group coaching options to help restore your gut, reboot your body & elevate your life. 

Through Kristen's guidance I have learned more about myself and  personal nutrition than ever before. I absolutely love this lady! Not just for helping me with my own digestion, but also for all that she stands for. Invest in yourself by investing in her - you won't regret it!


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"I'm down 25 pounds and I am running again, almost daily. I'm a better mother, teacher, friend sister and daughter because I am taking care of myself."


Lost 25 pounds


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Happy Belly, Happy Life. Start For Free!

Take charge of your health with my easy-to-follow guide that will help you eliminate painful digestive symptoms & heal your gut. 

11 Tips to Transform Your Gut

(without changing your diet)

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