Functional labs let us answer your body's cry for help by pinpointing where & why dysfunction is occurring within the body. Depending on your situation, I'll recommend a set of labs that will provide us with a more clear story!

Functional Labs 

Food & nutrition will be the primary focus during our time together, but we also address your stress levels, sleep patterns & other lifestyle factors that contribute to overall health & healing. 

A Happy Belly

My goal is to help you heal your gut once and for all. Not only do we uncover the root causes, we also figure out what to do about it, and make sure you have what you need to maintain overall health moving forward. 

Working Together

My goal as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) practitioner is to empower you with the tools & knowledge necessary to heal your digestive symptoms for good. During our time together, my role is that of educator & coach as we investigate what lies below the surface & create a plan to get your mojo back!


Holistic Coaching

What You Get 

Symptoms We Squash




Food intolerances

Hormone Imbalances

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sleep Disorders

Autoimmune conditions

Skin issues

DEpression & Anxiety

Highly-Personalized 1:1 Support

Gut Testing (GI Map)

Holistic Health Coaching Sessions

Test Results Analysis & Roadmap

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Hormone & Adrenal Stress Test (DUTCH)

Personalized Lifestyle Protocols

Personalized Dietary Guidance 

Personalized Supplement Protocol

Exclusive Supplement Discounts

Additional lab kits can be added based on your needs. We'll discuss your options during the intake process. Advanced lab tests include a hormone panels, thyroid panel, food sensitivity testing & stool pathogens testing.

Unlimited Text & Voice Support

Completely Customizable

Epic Health
Sugar Detox

Highly-Supportive Group Program.

A 6 week highly-supportive group program to heal your gut, detox your body, and up-level every area of your life. This step-by-step process minimizes overwhelm & maximizes results. 

Epic Health is right for you if...



You’re done with restrictive diets & bandaid "solutions"

You've been given an "IBS" diagnosis but still need answers

You're tired of feeling alone in your gut healing journey


You will receive all relevant lab kits in the mail at your home address, to be completed at home home or a designated lab (local to you). Once you've completed the kits, you simply mail them back and I will be notified of your test results. 

Complete Lab Kits

This is where we'll discuss your health goals. We'll cover where you've been and where you want to go to make sure working together will be a good fit. All this juicy information allows us to create a custom roadmap for our time ahead! 

Functional Health Assessment

This session includes a detailed lab analysis & recommended diet and lifestyle protocols. I also offer high-quality supplements and nutraceuticals at discounted rates based on your lab results to provide your body with some extra support during this journey. 

Results & Personal Roadmap

Coaching sessions allow us to integrate our new plan into your life in a way that actually sticks! We'll strategize, track progress, troubleshoot & celebrate. I'll provide guidance, accountability, encouragement & further education where needed. 

Coaching Sessions

This is where we'll reflect on our time together & evaluate room for further improvement. Remember, the road to health is a lifelong journey, and doesn’t end here! I often recommend follow-up testing to continue tracking your progress, which I can help you coordinate. 

Final Session 

How it Works

Happy Belly, Happy Life. Start For Free!

Download this guide for 11 easy tips you can incorporate today to get rid of bloating and stubborn weight and start having more energy and regular bowel movements everyday!

11 Tips for a Happier Gut

(without changing your diet)

What Clients Have to Say....

"I absolutely love this lady!"

Through Kristen's guidance I have learned more about myself and my personal nutrition than ever before. I absolutely love this lady! Not just for helping me with my own digestion, but also for all that she stands for. Invest in yourself by investing in her - you won't regret it!


Took charge with nutrition

"My digestion issues completely disappeared."

My digestion issues completely disappeared, my joints no longer scream me, my runny nose is gone, and I have more energy. I finally feel in control of my health. Kristen doesn’t just throw information at you, she takes the time to explain it in terms you can understand, and better yet, put into practice. In short, she’ll teach you how to nourish your body the way nature intended. My only regret is not having found Kristen sooner. 


optimized her digestion

"I'm down 25 pounds and I'm running again, almost daily."

Thanks to Kristen Barrett and her knowledge and encouragement, I'm back to LIVING and not feeling controlled by food. I'm down 25 pounds and I am running again, almost daily. My skin looks better than ever and my body doesn't hate me anymore. I'm a better mother, teacher, friend sister and daughter because I am taking care of myself.


Got her groove back

Ready to Make Big Things Happen?

When you start prioritizing your health, the rest falls falls into place. 

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