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The supplement industry is a mutibillion dollar industry and they’re all trying to sell you results you’re never going to get from a bottle alone. 

And not all supplements are created equal. In fact most are only using the most basic steps to ensure production is as cheap as possible. And when quality has to do with the bottom line, whatever raw materials they use for the nutrients are more about what’s least expensive, not what’s most absorbable. 

This means that multi-vitamin your grabbing at Target is probably a waste of money. And that fish oil you picked up at Costco is likely rancid.

I get asked a lot about what supplements to take but here’s the thing: I don’t recommend anybody take the same supplement everyday indefinitely. Our needs change and so will what we need to support our body. 

That said, these are the supplements I take almost everyday and most consistently. 

When you click on any of the links for my suggested supplements, it will take you to my online practitioner-grade supplement store! It will ask you to make an account to have access to all of the supplements mentioned here. 


The microbiome that lives in our large intestine plays a HUGE role in our overall health. From our immune system to our mental health, to our energy and mood. It all depends on the health of our bacteria ecosystem. Not only does a good probiotic promote microbial diversity, but it also helps maintain the integrity of your gut lining. Investing in a practitioner grade probiotic is worth every penny. My probiotic recommendations: MegaSpore Probiotic by Microbiome Labs or RestoreFlora by Bio-Botanicals


Magnesium is involved in over 500 enzyme reactions in the body! It’s also one of the quickest to be “burned up” by stress and anxiety. This makes magnesium a very highly needed mineral and one of the most easily depleted. When supplementing with magnesium, you want to make sure you use a good form. I see a lot of clients taking citrate or carbonate (think Natural Calm drink), but these are not well-absorbed forms of magnesium. They’re a great laxative but don’t do much for restoring magnesium in the body because it doesn’t actually get into the cell and is not absorbed. My favorite forms of magnesium include glycinate, bisglycinate, or malate.

My magnesium recommendations:

Magnesium Glycinate by Pure Encapsulations or

Magnesium Malate by Seeking Health 

Trace Minerals

A couple of years ago I ran an HTMA Mineral Test on myself and my arsenic levels were through the roof. I was renting at the time and on a private well so I didn’t have my water tested, but I suspected this was coming from my water source. So I invested in a Reverse Osmosis water filter for my home (I also did a protocol to bind up the arsenic and get it out of my body. When I retested 6 months later my arsenic had gone down significantly!). A Reverse Osmosis filter strips the water of all the contaminants, but it also strips it of all the natural minerals we need to function well everyday. 

Adding trace minerals and electrolytes into my water throughout the day allows me to keep drinking clean water without sacrificing the support minerals that serve as the catalysts for all the other vitamins and nutrients I need. 

Ideally minerals should come from our food, but since our soil is so depleted almost everyone can benefit from supplementing with some trace minerals from time to time. 

My recommended trace minerals: Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops 

Healthy Perspective

It’s important to remember, supplements are not the solution to your health problems. They are a SUPPLEMENT to a multifaceted approach that also includes, diet, lifestyle, stress reduction….etc. 

While these particular supplements are a good start, the most ideal solution is to work with a functional practitioner that can determine your specific needs. This is often the best route to take because it’s the best use of your time, money and energy. 

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution for the complex health issues you may be experiencing. If you’re ready to take the leap and partner with someone who can help find the underlying causes, reach out! 

Disclaimer: Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet. 

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