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One day you’re constipated, the next you have to stay close to a bathroom? 

Your brain is so foggy it’s a wonder you can even remember your own name sometimes? 

Or maybe your battling skin issues. 

Seasonal allergies, brain fog, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, mood swings and skin problems are all signs and symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut is caused by inflammation of the lining of the small intestine. ⁣And the lining of the small intestine is made of very thin, delicate cells – about 1/3 as thick as your eyelids, called epithelial cells. ⁣

These epithelial cells are small but mighty. Not only do they allow the nutrients we eat to pass through these cells and into the bloodstream, but they also keep toxins, pathogens, and other substances out of our body!

⁣You can imagine the health issues that can arise when this barrier is compromised. 

⁣So how does this happen in the first place? 

Because these cells are so delicate, they are easily inflamed and this inflammation breaks apart the cells leaving microscopic fissures. These fissures allow undigested food particles and other toxins to pass through the gut lining into the bloodstream which is why we call it “leaky gut”.⁣

Food, infections, toxins, stress can all break apart these tight junctions in your intestinal wall. 

⁣This is a massive security breach! ⁣

⁣The immune system is activated causing SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION which is connected to a massive amount of immune related health conditions so many of us are dealing with. In fact, anyone with an autoimmune condition or systemic inflammation issues are 99% likely to have leaky gut. Especially if the health of the gut has never been addressed before. ⁣

⁣How much healing, weight loss, and mental health do you think you can achieve if your body is constantly under attack?⁣

So what are some of the causes of this inflammation? ⁣

  • ⁣Pathogens⁣
  • Bacterial overgrowth 
  • Sugar⁣
  • Gluten ⁣
  • Alcohol⁣
  • Stress⁣
  • Processed foods⁣
  • Food sensitivities⁣
  • Industrial Seed Oils ⁣
  • Artificial sweeteners ⁣
  • Additives, preservatives, food dyes⁣
  • Not chewing food thoroughly enough⁣

⁣Whatever health problem you’re dealing with from PCOS to autoimmunity to weight loss to mood disorders WILL BE IMPACTED BY THE GUT. ⁣

⁣And if you skip the gut, then whatever you do is likely just a bandaid instead of addressing the root cause and you will be entering into the exhausting cycle of trial and error if you’re not there already. ⁣

⁣Trust the gut. Heal your gut. 

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